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Replace Your Beliefs, Revitalize Your Future

Douglas Breitbart & Fabián Szulanski

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Have you experienced a significant life event that has left you feeling as if your world has dissolved from under your feet?


Has the impact of this experience left you without any familiar landmarks or means to cope with your new reality in a sustainable way?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then it is highly likely you may have experienced a Personal Apocalypse ("PA").

This book is intended to help those wrestling with post-PA challenges to make sense of their life, and reframe their path forward.



Hayden Smith

Transformation Lead

Siemens Energy

Doug and Fabián have put words to the subconscious struggle that is life for so many of us. This eternal wisdom can bring transcendent light to even the darkest of personal apocalypses.

Sharron Rose


For anyone who has experienced a traumatic event such as job loss, major illness, divorce or even a challenging situation, Transcending Personal Apocalypse is a must read.  It takes you on a powerful journey of reflection and insight into the issues both personal and societal, which are at the heart of these painful yet ultimately transformative situations.

Alexander Laszlo, Ph.D.


Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science

If ever you have experienced a dark night of the soul – when the bottom drops out and you and your reality fall apart and you eventually hit rock bottom without hope or any sense of how to carry on – then this book is for you.  How good it would be in times like these to have a caring and compassionate friend to accompany you.  One who understands what you’re going through, has been there themselves, and can help you find your way out.  In Transcending Personal Apocalypse: Replace Your Beliefs, Revitalize Your Future, Douglas Breitbart and Fabián Szulanski show up in precisely this role.

Chunfeng “Breeze” Dong

Global Program Manager

Leadership Learning

 ABB Switzerland AG

I’m particularly touched by the compassion expressed behind the lines in this book. This is a precious gift for many people living in a VUCA world. I’ve had my personal PA, and I’m sure we all have or will have our PA. 


What’s fascinating about this book I feel, is the clear and clean messages from an emergent and generative place. It is showing us a path to connect with our inner wisdom and recognize: we always have a choice and we’re the source of light and wisdom.

Gene Bellinger

Founder, System Thinking World

Storyteller and Author of Beyond Connecting the Dots

I can't imagine anyone going through life without a few personal apocalypses. Personally I've had quite a few, and this is the book I wish I'd read before the first one. If I had, it wouldn't have taken me so many personal apocalypses to figure this out.

The Authors


Doug Breitbart
Doug Black & White.jpg

When Doug Breitbart was a successful entrepreneur, attorney, and entertainment industry executive, the world as he knew it evaporated. He experienced his first Personal Apocalypse. It served as the catalyst for a 25 year journey of self-discovery, awakening, and reinvention as an Integral attorney, corporate consultant, coach, and instructor; and provided the foundation for his co-authorship of Transcending Personal Apocalypse.


Born and raised in New York City’s Greenwich Village, Doug is a graduate of Columbia College and Fordham University School of Law. He has served as an attorney, corporate consultant, instructor, facilitator, coach, cultural catalyst, and provocateur at large.


Doug is a Certified Instructor of The Living Course, an Adlerian weekend workshop; and a Certified Instructor of INCAF’s (International Network for Children and Families) Redirecting Children’s Behavior, a six week parenting practices program.


Doug lives in Bridgman, Michigan with his wife and two rescues, Huck and Leo. He is the co-founder of The Values Foundation.

Fabián Szulanski
Fabian Black & White.jpg

When Fabián Szulanski graduated with a civil engineering degree, immediately following graduation he experienced his first Personal Apocalypse, an economy and world devoid of gainful employment. After several rounds on the Personal Apocalypse merry-go-round; he finally found his life path and way forward. This catalyzed a transformational journey from the engineering world of measurement and calculation, to a 20 year journey into the nature of systems thinking, human behavior, and collaboration, as a teacher, consultant, facilitator and coach. 


His human being-centered worldview provided the foundation for co-authoring Transcending Personal Apocalypse, and infuses his professional practice in the realms of strategic innovation and systems thinking.


Fabián holds a BS from the University of Buenos Aires, has pursued additional studies at the University of Bergen (Norway) and the ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires), respectively in pursuit of a PhD in Leadership and Systemic Innovation.


Fabián was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he currently resides with his wife. He is the co-founder of The Values Foundation.


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How Does It Work

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Who I Am vs

What I do

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What is a PA?

"Many of us experience times or events in our lives when all that we know and believe vanishes before our eyes.


This can be sudden, as with a personal health crisis or automobile accident, or over time, as with an impending layoff or loss of a loved one.

What constitutes a Personal Apocalypse to one may be a non-apocalyptic event to another.


It is not defined by the event itself; but rather by the event plus the experience of the individual on the receiving end."

"How do beliefs, thoughts, words and actions interrelate, in the context of defining, expressing and creating a post-PA life?

Feelings lead to beliefs, beliefs inform thoughts, those thoughts lead to words, words lead to actions, and actions produce results.

The belief generates a result that affirms itself, then queues up the next iteration, and operates as a self-reinforcing generative cycle.

These cycles can operate completely unconsciously, independent of whether the outcome is virtuous or catastrophic."

"Defining self by what you love and who you want to be in the world, rather than by what you do, involves a shift in self-awareness.

Equating your identity with what you do can subordinate or ignore the human being you are.


If you equal your results, then a failed result means you are a failed human being.

In painting a vision for the life-to-be, free of limiting beliefs; the idea is to recognize that you have unlimited choices." 

Free Sample

Free Sample

This download includes reviews, the Table of Contents, and the First Chapter of

Transcending Personal Apocalypse:

Replace Your Beliefs, Revitalize Your Future

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